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Planning to Start a New Venture

Planning to Start a New Venture

You have an idea, and you are thinking to work on that idea and planning to start a new business, then this is the right time.  This is an era of technological breakthroughs. Moreover, if your idea shows potential and you have the vision to support, finding the source of capital would not be difficult for you. The challenges faced by the earlier generation were entirely different as compared to the new generation. Digitalization has opened up numerous gates of opportunities for attaining entrepreneurship. As a result, anyone who has the capabilities to convert these opportunities to generate revenues is very much eligible to start a successful business.

If you are planning to start a new venture, then there are few steps which you may need to follow to start a successful business in the year 2019.

Steps to start a successful startup

start a new business

Conduct thorough research: An idea forms a base for any business. If you have thought about an idea then before starting its implementation, you should check its potential. This means you need to check if your product or service has any demand in the market or not. If yes, then you need to find answers to the questions like which is your target segment, who all are your competitors, etc. 

Make a business plan


Planning plays a vital role in establishing a business. Depending on the type of business you need to select a business plan. If you are planning to start a new venture, it is essential that you should make a detailed business plan which goes with your vision and states the process you need to follow to achieve success.

Plan Finances

To start any business, you need to have an initial investment amount. Planning of your finances is very crucial. You need to calculate the amount you need to start up your business along with the amount which you need to run your business for a year. Once calculated, look out for the ways to funds for your venture.

Choose the structure of your business

There are three major business structures for small and medium scale business. These are

  • Proprietorship,
  • Partnership
  • LLC.
  • Corporation

Select a name for your Business and get it registered

Complete all the paperwork including getting a license and other business-related permits.

Select an appropriate location for your Business

Be careful while setting up your office. Select whether you want to buy the location or go for a lease. You have to take decisions regarding office location, equipment, etc.

Recruit appropriate team and get them ready.


Once the business is set up and you have started selling your product or service, it’s time to work on promoting your products and services.

If you are planning to start a new venture in 2019, then there are few success mantras which you need to follow. Planning is a significant part of the entire process of setting up a business. However, if you want to stand out in this competitive market and make your business a huge success, then you need something more.

Clear Vision

steps to start a successful startup

For anyone who is planning to start a new venture, having a clear vision is very important. Vision provides you a clear understanding of your long-term goals. Entrepreneurs with clear goals always remain motivated as they work their best to achieve their targets. You can plan your business on the basis of your vision, and together they lay a solid foundation for your venture.

Long-term approach

Having a vision is not sufficient. You need to have a long-term strategy which can help you in achieving those goals. You need to find answers for all the “how” and “what” of your business. Today’s market is not stable. Innovation and change in technology play a very important role. With a long-term approach, you will be prepared to handle upcoming changes, and this will further keep you much ahead of your competitors. 


Starting a new venture is not the most difficult part of the entrepreneurship. Being committed to your business is the most challenging part. Most of the new ventures fail as the owner becomes careless once the business starts giving profits. When you decide to run your own venture, remember that you have to work on it 24/7. You need to keep working on new ideas, find innovative ways to increase productivity, be ready to face all kinds of problems and try to find their solutions. Remember ” A successful entrepreneur always lives on the edge.”

Dedication and passion


For anyone, who is planning to start a new venture, dedication and passion are very important. Starting a new venture can be a life-changing decision for many individuals. Both these qualities keep a person self-motivated.  An entrepreneur who works with dedication and is passionate to take the business to new heights would never give up. Such an entrepreneur will give their 100% to achieve their goals. Moreover, these two qualities help an entrepreneur to face various challenges that may come while running the business.


Having a strong network is very important to run any kind of business.  Good and strong network help you in running your business in many ways. Your networks can give you a true insight of the market. They can further help you getting funds, finding new customers, alliances and can act a very important source of all market-related information.

Open to take risks

start a successful business

When you plan to start a successful startup, be ready to take risks. Starting and running a new venture is not that easy. Various difficulties and new challenges will keep on coming in your way of achieving success. You should have the willingness to take a risk and find new ways to overcome these challenges and difficulties.

Keep your customers’ first

Always remember your customer is the key to success. The main aim of any establishment is to earn more revenue. Revenue can be generated only through customers. Hence always keep your customers in the centre and plan your business strategies accordingly.

Take good care of your employees

Success of any business is the result of effective teamwork. Always make your employees part of your vision and goals. They are the only one who can help you in achieving them successfully. Running a new business is a road full of speed breakers. You need to be patient and should be prepared to face all kinds of difficulties. You need to have the vision to convert these difficulties and challenges into new and potential opportunities.

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