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Consult on Phone

To make Entry India Easy, we provide an advisory on phone at a very low cost of USD $50 per hour, with our Entry India Expert.

This call will enable the exporter / foreign national to get a roadmap to India by getting optimised advisory just on a phone-call. It will help him save cost & time.

The call will offer valuable insights and information critical for a new business to understand the broad dynamics of Indian markets. Our Expert will enable you with

Industry and Business Drivers – The call will help you map the factors that are critical to your success in India. We will discuss how existing products/companies in your Industry have performed over the years which would help you understand the existing market scenario and give you market access.

Strategic advice on how to set up business in India – Based on your expansion goals and vision, we will come up with a structured plan on starting business in India. This would help you evaluate various options including strategic collaborations with existing firms, distributor search, setting up a manufacturing unit etc.

Business Roadmap - We will offer a roadmap to do business in India that will align with your expansion interests. This will help you understand key steps involved in different stages of your expansion plan.


Flash Market Research Report

Get the market intelligence report related to your product and services at the cost of

$1499 USD

The report will brief you on parameters that will help you plan and execute your expansion strategy seamlessly in India.

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The report will focus on brief history of your Industry highlighting dynamics that fueled growth and challenges faced by Industry in recent years

  • Regulatory environment in India
  • Estimating Market Size and growth potential
  • Snapshot of Major Indian Competitors – products & market share
  • Major Price points of related products / services
  • Main Importers and Distributors
  • Brief profile biggest consumers of your product line (B2B & B2C)
  • Information on requirements incorporating a legal entity in India to commence business



Eco-Rep Office in India

We provide India Representative office at a very nominal price of USD $250 per month. This will include office-rentals / office address which you can show as your Indian Branch Office. It excludes the annual regulatory cost paid to the government. In addition to having a local address we can also help you recruit staff for various different roles for your India business operations like managing distribution channels, driving marketing initiatives and brand building, accounting and financial reporting and compliance.