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Brand Building Process 2019

Brand Building Process

These days, people generally run behind the branded products. This is something the most valuable asset that a company owns. According to a survey from Nielson, about 60% of people prefer branded products. However, have you ever thought that how difficult it is to make a particular product a brand? How much of efforts and time does it take to become a brand? We all know this fact that people love all those things that are out from a brand. But how will a budding entrepreneur travel his road of making his product and company a brand.

In this article, the experts from Anakeen Business are all set to help you this with all the different steps and procedures that you need to follow when you keep a desire of making your product a brand. However, Anakeen Business is one such India entry experts’ organization that helps you in making a success as well as a sustainable business entry in India. But before you get to know of the thorough process of brand building, you should be well aware of the term ‘brand’ lest you can define it in better terms and conditions.

What is a brand?

In simple and subtle terms, ‘brand’ is defined by the customer’s perception of your business and what you put forward right in front of them.

What is a brand

It is a consistent process and fro becoming a successful brand you need to be very specific as well as consistent in communicating with your target audiences and analyzing their experiences with your product. You should be very fair with your customers while many applications. These are as follows:

  • Environment (storefront or office)
  • Print, signage, packaging
  • Website & online advertising
  • Content marketing & social media
  • Sales & customer service

Now the brand building is absolutely neither a simple task nor it’s a job that happens overnight. It takes numerous weeks, months and sometimes years too. It absolutely needs a process to follow for reducing the time period of brand building. Apart from this, it is an ongoing sequence of efforts that can help you establish your brand. So, here are some of the tips and a complete procedure for all those people who want to make their product a brand.

Brand Building Procedure Includes:

1. Analyze Your Target Audience

Analyze Your Target Audience

The basic foundation lies when you are aware of this fact that who your actual customers are? Whose necessity is your product and what you can do for them? This is one of the most crucial jobs as it can help you know that who will use your product in the market industry and where you can focus on. Apart from this, you can’t be everything for everyone’s need. Right?

When you are focusing on building a brand, this can help you to focus you in the right direction. Craft your mission and message that you want to impart to meet the requirements of your customers. In other senses, I want to state that you need to be very specific. What you can do is to figure out the lifestyles and their behavioral approaches towards your product in the market.

It can also be said that you have to take out personal demographics of your customers. For example:

  • A single mom working from home.
  • Tech-savvy adopters at an early age.
  • College students who study abroad.
  • An executive recruiting professional.

Make a clear picture of your consumers. Afterward, you need to learn that how to make it an identity that your target audience can understand and relate to. You should also realize that the competitiveness can narrow down your audience focus while you are in process of branding. This will help you ensure that the message of your brand becomes crystal clear to your audiences.

Working closely on the research that deals with the analysis of your customers are a healthy exercise for your mind as it can help you as well as benefit you in many applications of your business processes. Specifically, it can aid you in making marketing efforts. What all you need here is the overall integration of all those constructively product consuming people. For instance, you need the correct person who can consume your content, click on your ads opt for your email lists, etc.

Determining the right audience for yourself will help you with overall digital marketing and brand marketing strategies. Henceforth, it is considered to be the very first step for any budding entrepreneur who keeps a desire to make his business make a big hit as soon as possible.

2. Establish A Brand Mission Statement

Establish A Brand Mission Statement

Are you are still unaware of the mission of your business? In case, your answer is no to this, then you need to think and rethink to tailor it in a well-organized manner and make it clear to yourself of what you and your company is passionate about.

Now, before you go ahead with your brand building process, you need to gather the trust of your target customers. You need to analyze that what is the real value of your business is and what profit it can offer you.

In other terms, a mission statement can be defined as a purpose for your company’s existence. It will also aid you with various aspects of your brand building strategies.

You should be specific at every step. You need to finalize everything right from the very beginning, like, from your logo to your tagline and voice messages Apart from this, your mission should be reflected in your personality.

The company has to build a reputation and thereafter the brand. Your company should be able to increase the targets in order to accommodate everyone. Keep your start at a low level with your company’s own branding and make sure of yourself that you are able to reach out to audiences. This will help you with as many as the engagement of people in your business. With time, your brand can get the deserved loyalty and it can amplify to new horizons.

3. Research Your Brands With Your Industry Circle

Always remember that you should never copy exactly what other brands are doing in your industry. And not only this, but you also need to be aware of the fact that what they are doing. In other words, it can be concluded that you should know what your competitors are doing that includes their successful as well as failed decisions but you don’t have to exactly copy them by taking same steps in your business. You should aim to differentiate yourself from your competitors to demolish the competition between you and them. By this technique, you will flourish as a game-changer business personality in your industry. Keep a strong convincing power lest you can convince your customers to buy your product. You should be presentable up to a mark like you aren’t asking them to purchase the product but you. It all depends that how effectively you can touch the nerves of your customers and how effectively you can attract them to yourself. Therefore, it’s ultimately you, who can and who has to make changes.

Always keep in mind that you have to make a brand stand out and then find out numerous ways of doing the same. Don’t you ever try to skip this step in the procedure of brand building? Thoroughly go through the research of your main competitors or the remarkable brands. Analyze that how their successful decisions and failed attempts have made them grow in the industry effectively. Also, think of all the factors that have gone wrong on their way to success.

For an effective brand name, it is necessary that your customers should recognize you and remember. Otherwise, there are many brands that exist in the market, however, a very few are able to make their own cognizance. So, keep it simple and easy to understand for the people who you desire to target.

•    Create a broad spreadsheet of your competitors in your research

Instigate things by creating a complete spreadsheet of all your competitors in your research process.  You are absolutely free to use any technical tool for this purpose. Now, whether it can be Google sheets, Excels or just hardcopy, i.e., just your notebook. It can prove out to be really fruitful for you as it can help in the decision-making process. Once you are done with that, then there comes the time when you need to do a minor but intense mental exercise which will surely help you in flourishing your business and making it a brand.

Following are some of the questions that you may need to ask yourself:

  1. Are your competitors are consistently working towards messaging and making a visual identity in front of their customers across various channels?
  2. What is the quality of the products or services of your competitor?
  3. Are there any reviews of customers on your competitors’ social media pages? If yes, then read them and analyze whether it is in a positive or negative sense.
  4. In what manners your competitors market their business? Is it online or offline? Check and analyze their decision-making process.

4. Outline The Key Qualities And Benefits Of Your Brand Offers

Generally, there exist some of the business tycoons who keep their budgets and resources in a surplus amount that helps them to keep a command in their industry. This makes them different from others as well as a master in their own field. Always remember that your product and services completely belong you. This is all because; you need to go really deep down to figure out what your product offers that should be offered by no one else. In other words, it should be different from the rest of your competitors. Or else, it can also be said that your product and services should be unique that will help you to focus on the qualities that will benefit in making your company’s branding different from others.

Outline The Key Qualities And Benefits Of Your Brand Offers

Let me assume that you are already done with analyzing your target audience and once you have already chosen them, then give them a reason so as to why they should go for your products and services. Don’t miss this chance to attract your customers.

It is an indispensable part that this is not just a laundry list that you can do things anytime. You need to list all the features of your products or services that you are likely to offer to your target audience. Always think that how you will provide the value that improves customers’ lives.

Some of the examples that are included in this list are as follows:

  • The customer’s services should be transparent.
  • You need to improve the productivity of the support system.
  • There should be more transparent as well as authentic customers’ services.
  • It is a better way to support productivity.
  • It also helps in reducing costs which is affordable to the customers.
  • It saves time on daily tasks.

5. Create A Brand Logo And A Tagline

Creating a brand is no less than a winning a war in such a market industry like India has. And the support system like Anakeen Business helps you in making your jobs done with an ease and on time.  However, when you think of how to build brands, visuals are the most important part that affects the most. Apart from this, visuals are the very first thing that strikes in the minds of any particular customer. Henceforth, it is a crucial part that the visuals of your products should be very influential.

Now, once you have entered the market industry like India has, with the help of best experts at Anakeen Business. Then, what becomes most important for you is to create a logo for your brand and a perfect tagline that defines your product and services uncannily.  The creation of a logo is also one of all the crucial tasks because of it the only thing that will appear and relate to your business as well. It proves out to be your identity, calling card as well as visual recognition too. Henceforth, it is advised to invest some good time and money to create something magical and influential that possesses a potential to attract your target customers. I can assure you that investing into it will never go worthless for your business rather than it will flourish and polish you as an identity.

In case you are confused about the right person who can help you with the logo and tagline, then you have three options from which you can choose. You can go for hiring a professional designer or a creative agency or else, you can go ahead with a digital marketing agency like DigiDZN.

DigiDZN is one most appealing digital marketing agency that can help you overcome all the hindrances that you may encounter. Apart from this, you can get an amazing team of designers and creative professionals who possess a capability of creating magic in the logo of your brand as well as promote your products and services with the help of amazing creative writers who can offer you effective taglines. All these efforts in investing in logo and branding can help you stand differently among the crowd of numerous business tycoons. The expertise solutions can assist you in getting a unique, timeless and remarkable position.

A team of designers can also help you with the development of the brand guidelines that can ensure consistency in the application of logo and related colour palette. What becomes more important at this note is to include the following things in your branding technique to make it unique and eye-catching too.

They can be mentioned as:

  • Size of the logo and its perfect placement.
  • Colour palette should be attractive.
  • Typography and fonts need to be eye-catching.
  • Iconography
  • Photography or the size and style of the image should be perfect.
  • Web elements should also be included in it.

6. Form Your Brand Voice

Form Your Brand Voice

Your voice is the ultimate part and is the ultimate voice of your product and services. It can be understood as you can never get a cognizance until or unless you shout it aloud to your target customers. Your voice is completely dependent on what your mission is, who your audiences are and in which industry are you making entry into. Henceforth, it becomes an indispensable part of your business to communicate with your customers and know how they are responding and form your brand voice. Is it the way you want them to respond or in some other way it is going ahead. It’s all and only you who has to manage everything.

A brand voice can be of any type. This can be followings:

  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Service-Oriented
  • Authoritative
  • Technical
  • Promotional
  • Conversational
  • Informative

There are endless adjectives and possibilities that can help you make your product a brand. This all can help you connect with many people that are under the circle of your target audiences.

These are some of the ways by which you can transform your business of products and services into a brand. However, Anakeen Business is always there to help you out at every single step in your business to let you establish yourself in the Indian market.

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